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Core Consultants is a pioneer in providing commodity market analysis and consultancy services. Our clients include commodity end-users, producers, traders, hedge funds and banking institutions.


Core Consultants provides independent and proprietary advice to a broad range of clients. Our services include feasibility and prefeasibility studies, market evaluation and entry studies.

Subscription Reports

Core Consultants provides a number of industry studies focused on current market conditions as well as the potential outlook for these commodity markets.

Core Consultants provides a number of focused commodity reports available on a subscription basis. Our reports offer Core Consultants’ independent forecasts as well as explores current market conditions and the potential drivers of change.

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nickel costs

Nickel market to move into deficit this year

This article first appeared on InvestorIntel on the 2nd of August 2016 and describes Core Consultants’ view of the nickel market Nickel has found some strong bidding interest in the last few months for the first time since late 2015. Nickel is a versatile metal element that gives alloys corrosion resistance and the ability to withstand… View Article


Core Consultants’ Rare Earth Monthly Summary- August 2016

Core Consultants’ released its August 2016 Rare Earth Monthly Issue. The main topics in this feature include: China consolidates South Rare Earth Group Development of cerium/aluminium alloy China reducing windpower waste China had a target to establish six rare earth entities by the end of 1H16. At the end of June, the expert panel ratified… View Article


China demand for bauxite buoys prices

Bauxite prices over the last year have held up while those of other commodities fell drastically. As ever, the main driver behind these prices was China, whose demand created a spot market for bauxite. However, given the capital costs associated with smelters and refiners, the aluminium industry in the West has largely been vertically integrated… View Article


Gold breaks psychological barrier of $1,300/oz

The investor demand for gold as a safe haven asset in 2016 has been well documented with the yellow metal up around 30% so far this year. Gold has recently broken through the psychologically important barrier of $1300/oz and is still finding overall bidding interest despite the slight declines in the price during the last… View Article

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