Our Core Service Offering

Core Consultants is a pioneer in providing commodity market analysis and consultancy services. Our clients include commodity end-users, producers, traders, hedge funds and banking institutions.


Core Consultants provides independent and proprietary advice to a broad range of clients. Our services include feasibility and prefeasibility studies, market evaluation and entry studies.


Core Consultants provides a number of industry studies focused on current market conditions as well as the potential outlook for these commodity markets.

Data and Forecasts

Coming Soon: Core Consultants compiles statistics that are most crucial in coming to grips with a particular commodity sector. Our data is provided in charts for a comprehensive insight into the topic. The underlying data is easily downloaded for those uses wishing to conduct more in depth analysis.

Core Africa

Core Africa is a business and risk consultancy offering focused on the Africa opportunity. The division is focused on assisting companies in defining their strategy and structure across Africa.

Core Consultants provides a number of focused commodity reports available on a subscription basis. Our reports offer Core Consultants’ independent forecasts as well as explores current market conditions and the potential drivers of change.

Some of our Clients

Latest News

icda feature

Interview With International Chrome Development Association

Core Consultants speaks to the ICDA about the current market conditions in the chrome and ferrochrome industry, their upcoming industry event in Kazakhstan and what delegates can expect.    1. To what extent do you think the environmental inspections and clamp downs in China will affect the ferrochrome industry? Do you expect that the Chinese environmental… View Article

iron ore defies gravity

Why Is Iron Ore Defying Gravity?

Why s iron ore defying gravity? This is the question I was asked over the weekend. My answer? I don’t see it as defying gravity at all. Oscillating wildly, certainly, but defying gravity? No! The trend in my opinion is definitely consistent with gravity laws- down! The benchmark of 62.5% fines increased to $81.2/tonne earlier… View Article


Galaxy Begins Shipping Lithium from Mt. Cattlin

This article first appeared on InvestorIntel on the 12th December 2016. It features some of my thoughts on Galaxy Lithium and the latest shipping from Mt. Cattlin. 16 November– Galaxy Resources Limited (ASX: GXY) (“Galaxy”) commences ore commissioning and lithium concentrate production 22 November – Galaxy awards Mt. Cattlin Mining Contract 29 November– Galaxy nominates first… View Article


Ferrochrome Waking Up From An Eight Year Nightmare

Merafe published its European ferrochrome benchmark for 1Q17 at $1.65/lb, up from $1.10 in the fourth quarter. These higher prices loook like they’ve been accepted by consumers, in particular, the Chinese stainless steelmakers. At a price of $1.65, this will translate to around $1.50/lb, CIF, which means there is still $0.15/lb on the upperside. The… View Article

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